Thursday, 5 November 2009

Journey Back To Alor Setar

I am going back to Alor Setar today to attend my dearest cousin, Dhaniah’s engagement ceremony. The ceremony will be on Saturday. I am going back earlier to help out mana yang patut. But actually more to gather n kepo2 je. My aunty from Johor has arrived yesterday n the rest will be going back soon starting from me today.

This is going to be very excited as the last kenduri from my side was my bro, Amil’s wedding. Though this is only an engagement but I can foresee my aunty will make it as grand as possible. My children will be off from school for 2 days (Read this: Feel GUILTY Dhaniah….). They all are looking forward as well. I am bringing back my niece & nephew along with me too.

I also make special cuppies for the day. Varieties of orange cupcake, cheese blueberry cupcake, banana cupcake with caramel pecan topping n carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

I’ll be driving n hubby will come later end of week to join us. Hopefully the traffic will be good n no raining. I will be arriving in the afternoon n tonight… nasi royale here I come..

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