Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Apples of My Eye

Last night I brought my children to Subang Parade. They wanted to buy something for me in conjunction of Mother’s day. I was not allowed to be near them so I waited outside the shop. From out there I could see they were busying choosing n whispering discussing something among them. They looked so adorable to me!

Beside that I saw other children with their dads, couples n teenagers walked in n out buying cards n gifts. At that point it instantly reminded me of my late mom. I used to do all this when she was still alive.

Though my mom is no longer around I am lucky that I still have people that care n love me as much as my mom does. When I lost my mom, I’ve lost the figure of a mother. But I am fortunate as all these people below are my moms now.

I have my mother in-law that I call Mak. She once said that she is now my mom as I don’t have my mama anymore. I was so touched n tears were in my eyes when she said that. Mak is so special to me. She is a kind hearted person n a sporting one. We share lots of things together n I love her company.

Then I have my aunty – Ucu. She’s my mom youngest sister. We are so close since I was small. With her, I could share n tell anything personal that I want. Her children now are my best cousins n friends. I adore n love my dearest aunty – Ucu so much.

I have another aunty, my mom second sister – Aunty Uteh. She is 2 years younger than my mom. When I look at Aunty Uteh it is like looking at my mom. They look almost alike. She took care of my mom in the hospital when my mom was sick. With Aunty Uteh I also could tell n pour anything that I want. I always meluah perasaan to her. She is just like my mom to me.

Last but not least, my stepmother – Aunty Enon. She is married to my dad 6 years ago. At first it was so difficult for me to accept her as my new mom. I just couldn’t face the fact that my dad has another person to replace my mom’s place. But after awhile I learned that everything was not about me or others but just my dad. My dad has been taken care well n he is happy with his life. That is most important. To Aunty, I seldom say this to you – Thank you so much for making Ayah happy. Nothing can replace your kindness for being with Ayah during his good n bad times. Hanya Allah dapat membalas budi baik Aunty. I always pray that both of you will be happy together forever.

To Mak, Ucu, Aunty Uteh n Aunty Enon – Happy Mother’s Day. All of you have a special place in my heart. You are the APPLES OF MY EYE.

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