Thursday, 13 May 2010

Birthday Wish For My Father

Today is my father’s birthday. He is 67 years old. At this age alhamdullilah he is still healthy n active.

On this special day I would like to wish my father a very Happy Birthday. I pray to Allah that my father will always be protected by Him, have a good health n be happy all the time.

My father has been a great father to me thru out my life. When I was small my father was like a ‘guardian’ to me. Wherever n whatever I want to do, I always felt that he was around me. I felt being protected by him.

There was one time when I was in trouble n I didn’t know what to do, I just cried. I pretended that my father was in front of me n I talked to him asked for help n advice. Though it was not real but it soothed me a bit at that moment.

I hope my father knows how much I love n care him. I always want him to be happy. I love him very much.

Happy Birthday Ayah. Semoga panjang umur dan sihat selalu.

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