Sunday, 30 May 2010

Dim Sum..

Today I decided not to cook! We wanted to eat something different but did not feel like going too far from our home. At first we thought of going to Hartamas area to find one good restaurant but then the plan changed! Since all my children love dim sum so much, I googled n asked around where to find good halal dim sum restaurant.

There are a few actually available in town. After a few phone calls, I found out there is one in Shah Alam. Yaalaaa…. Apa lagi… all of us excitedly got ready n zoomed to the place. It is Meisan Szechuan restaurant located at Quality Hotel, Shah Alam. It is ‘eat all you want’ for RM28++ (adult) and RM18++ (child).

Once seated all of us were served with Chinese tea. There were porridge and deserts at the buffet table. My children started with the porridge. After about 10 minutes our table was spread full of dim sum of all kinds in steamer baskets. Each of the steamer baskets contains 3 pieces. I at first thought it was too little and probably was not enough for all of us. Tamak…..

Siap tanya “Ni je ke?” Later on came a few more plates of fried dim sum. By the time, all had been served, more than 20 of these baskets and plates were on our table. . At the beginning all of us hungrily took one by one of the dim sum but after about 20 minutes, we started to slow down. Huh… memang kenyang giler! Tu pun ada a few tak habis. Rasa dim sum dah kat hujung tekak!

I normally have dim sum at the Pak Long kopitiam at Plaza Masalam. They are selling by piece at RM3-RM4. But here at Quality Hotel, you will get a real value for your money. For those who stay around Shah Alam, I would suggest all of u to try.

For four adults n two children, a RM 170 spent today is really reasonable. . Beside kemalasan nak masak, we took the opportunity to celebrate our dearest cousins 19th birthday – Piqah. This would not be our last visit here, maybe I would bring Faizah when she comes back home for holiday.

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