Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Strong Man

This morning I went to see Hakeem’s class show. This was the last show for the end of their term. The show was about Circus. Hakeem was selected to be a STRONG MAN. He with his other two friends has to do weight lifting in front of the audience.

Couple of weeks before all of us in the house designed for him the dummy weight lifting. He was very excited when we brought it to school. This morning Hakeem kept reminding me not to forget to come and watch his show.

The show was hosted by his class teacher n performed by all the learners from Year 1. It started with the acrobatics, balancing on the tight rope, ball jugglers, magician, strong man and clowns. All the learners did their excellent jobs as the show was truly entertained.

When it comes to Hakeem’s turn, Ms Andrea announced “Ladies.. hold your breath n gentleman.. hold your ladies tight as we are going to see the strong man on earth!” Three of them walked out proudly posing here and there showing off their muscles.

They were such an awesome kids as they pretended so well lifting up the 100kgs weight. I could hear the applause n screaming from other students.

Huh… Hakeem lagi lah beraksi n show off lebih2.. I really enjoyed the show. Well done Hakeem my strong boy.

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