Friday, 11 June 2010


Cewah.. title dah mcm Tun M punya blog je.. :) It has been more than a week that I haven’t updated my blog. I am pretty occupied with my daily activities. It is the endless with to do this and that. My children’s school is having many activities before end of term. It is as usual concerts and concerts.

Nabila then busy with almost every week birthday party to attend. She has another party this weekend. Bersosial sungguh…. Nadira has just finished her final term exam and currently in Singapore for her school trip.

I’ve promised to myself (sort off lah…) to stay at home to finish with my beads on the baju kurung and also baking Dhaniah’s wedding kek lapis. Time is just getting shorter n shorter each day. Running here and there, doing this and that only then I realized it was almost night time.

I also have long lists of plans what to do. I wish I could have more time and energy.

By the way I’ve lots of stories to updates and I promise it will be soon. Insyaalah..

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