Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wedding Of The Year

Yeah.. this is such a grand wedding in our family. All the VVIPs were invited including the Sultan and Sultanah of Kedah. All of us were busy since the day before.

The rehearsal for the ceremony ended at late midnight and in the morning of the day we had to prepare the last minute here and there. It was raining – quite heavy in the afternoon. My aunty was really worried. Luckily the rain stop before all the VVIPs arrived.

The food for the kenduri was deliciously awesome. It was the famous Nasi briyani Mat Shah Batu Pahat. The cook personally came to cook for the kenduri. Everything went well and lots of people turned up.

I was like orang penting ah.. I and my other aunty carried big handbag standing behind my uncle, aunty. Hahahahahha.. lenguh kaki diri lama but best nengok orang duk salam keruk!!

So after all the VVIPs and guests left, all of us berangan taking photos sitting on the pelamin.. Ye lah dolu dolu kahwin tak merasa macam ni…. :)

Anyway.. congratulations again to Dhaniah and Adzim. Semoga berbahagia dan kekal selamanya..

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