Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Days in Alor Setar

When I was in Alor Setar, my time was mostly spent on eating.. ronda2 and eating… Back home, guess what…. I gained 1kg! Aduh… penat lelah program dietku..

From having home cooked meal, dinner at seafood, ikan bakar to crossing the border for a big food fiesta. Nak makan punya pasal…

I didn’t go out much during day time as the weather was quite hot. I just went to Pekan Rabu to get some stuff. On Tuesday afternoon all of us went to Danok, browsing the small shops there. For some reasons, most of the shops were closed and this part of the town seemed dead, unlike before.

Later on we went for a massage. Kira mcm rutin wajib ah ni.. At first our planned was to have a foot massage but then we went for a body massage instead. It was a 2-hour body massage for a mere RM24. Huh.. mmg menarik n murah giler.. Couldn’t resist not to have it right..

This was my first time actually – body massage in Thailand. Each of us (my aunties) selected our masseur. We were brought to a room with rows of mattress on the floor. The room was clean n cozy. After changing to pajamas, we waited what to come next! Ya.. pajamas.. we were surprised actually n wonder how they were going to massage us with our clothes on!

After a while our masseurs came in and the ‘adventure’ began. They didn’t use any oil or cream but a talcum powder. Yes.. the famous prickly heat powder from Thailand. My mom used to buy this n put it at home in case anybody gatal2 badan.. Hehehehehe..

For the first one hour I was still ok n relax but then I started to scream.. Mana tak.. the lady treated my body macam nak lapah ayam.. kepak sana.. kepak sini.. then at one time she lifted me up like a helicopter. Then put my body on her knees n rocked my like a train. Hahahahaha.. seriously kecuh jap dlm bilik tu.. Ye lah.. duk gi spa org urut ala2 lembut gitu!

I wanted to stop actually but at the same time I wanted to know what came next. Suspen betul.. After one to another all kind of actions they did to us. Anyway after it finished, surprisingly I didn’t have body aching which I normally have if I massage my feet. After semua dah kena kepak sana sini, we were hungry and had our special dinner.. original Thailand food! Nyam.. nyam…

This evening at 4.00pm we were back to our home sweet home. Throughout the journey we stopped by at Sg Perak to have our lunch. Nowadays we don’t eat at R&R anymore. Banyak kali terkena tak sedap n so tasteless. Aunty Enon packed us nasi lemak n we enjoyed the food at the pangkin there. It’s super delicious.

About my dad’s status.. after his follow up at the hospital, he got a new date for the operation. Sadly the earliest date available for him is in August. My dad lodged complaint to his doctor about the wrongly information given. He showed the proof that’s stated on the slip – the date and time were wrongly given.

Anyway I’ve asked my brother who is working in the Ministry of Health to look over this matter and make sure it won’t happen again. When I think about what had happened, I feel very frustrated. I told my father the next time when he go to the hospital don’t let this young doctor treat him like orang2 tua yg bodoh. My father is an educated man n they cannot underestimate his ability.

Meanwhile I just hope n pray that my father will be fine n stay healthy. Thanks to those who share the concern with me.

p/s: Rina & Ibu – Kalau nak cakap pasal geram.. mmg tak habis. Tapi tu lah hakikat our poor service in the govt sector especially hospital. For those yg have no choice kena ah face with all this kan.. Like my father dah book 2 bulan before this for the op kena tunggu pulak que lagi for another 3 months. Alasan tak urgent. Takkan nak tunggu tenat baru nak urgent..

To my dear Faizah, the first thing yg terlintas di fikiran mommy – jgnlah faizah nanti treat her patient like this but I know my daughter won’t do this n I know u can be a good doctor!

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