Thursday, 20 May 2010

The"Impatience" Of Me

At last, yesterday I found the time to do a facial. I booked as early as possible which was in the morning. I always go to my friend’s shop at Putrajaya. She is the franchisor of the Demalorgica outlet – promo jap. The last time I had my face facial was about 2 months ago.

I always skip, delay or in a away trying to avoid going there because I always feel that the time to be spent doing facial would normally be very very long. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t hold my patience long enough when doing facial.

I don’t mind being at the hair salon for hours – hair washing or treatment. Probably because you could still do something like reading or just looking around when you do your hair, but not facial! I also don’t mind to be in the spa letting people massaging my body or feet for hours. But to lie down on the bed with my face being ‘processed’ step by step… OOhh… it is so distressing.

At the beginning I felt excited to go there. Then I started to lie down chit chatting (I could never sleep). This lasted for hours and I could not help but kept bugging when it would be over. I would normally spend my time there for almost 2 hours. Huh.. sakit pinggang sih baring lama2..

But when the whole session ended and when I touched my face n looked at myself in the mirror, all the effort and “suffering” seem worthwhile. At that point I would say to my self – no regret n I would definitely come again.

Anyway.. I am supposed to come again at least for the next one month n I don’t know whether I can commit to that. Well.. kesedaran pasti akan muncul bila muka dah menjadi kusam….

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