Monday, 24 May 2010

False Alarm

I am now in Alor Setar. Yesterday was the day my father was supposed to be admitted to the hospital. He was told by his doctor to check in at anytime on the 23rd May. At 3.30pm all of us sent him to the hospital.

After arriving n registration, my father was given a room. After 15min the nurse came to check his blood preasure. Then after 15min again a group of doctors came to visit him. The first question that popped out from the doctor was "Pakcik kenapa datang lambat? Kenapa baru dtg sekarang?"

My dad said he was not informed specifically to come at what time. The specialist that checked him said to come on the 23rd at anytime. Well.. I can still accept any misscommunication. I believed that my father didn't aware at all that he had to come earlier.

What I couldn't tolerate was how this particular doctor talked to my father. He didn't even come n approach closer to the bed. He just leaned by the wall which was about 2-3mtrs from my father n talked aroggantly pointing his finger here n there. Senang cita bahasa melayu kurang ajar lah..

My father has to undergo a minor operation due to the prostate that he is sufferring now. He had booked this operation date 2 months ago. Now the op couldn't be done because my father actually has to be at least 2 days before the operation date. The doctor kept telling that my dad was given the wrong date by the hosiptal.

I told him that it was not a wrong date but because he was not informed properly. Since the operation day is only done on Tuesday n Thursday, my dad's appt has to be cancelled as he came late in the evening.

Seriously at that time my face was hot n boiling up. I, hubby, brother interrupted a few times asked him for more details. This young doctor just babling arrogantly non-stop from the very beginning. So at the end my dad went home n has to come again tomorrow to book for another date.

After the doctor left, a nurse who maybe aware that all of us were not happy explained again. She said sorry because of all the hassle and incidents. The word 'sorry' of course came from the nurse n not from the doctor.

This is a new GH in Alor Setar. My first impression when I arrived was extremely impressive. The surrounding, building n facilities are as good as any 5 star private hosiptal. Unfortunately all my excitement was ruined by the doctor's treatment and rude behaviour.

It is a shame that some of us, people, overlook these sort of things. Whilst the government is spending millions on putting a 'grand' facilities, unfortunately, having bunch of people of this kind just spoil everything!


Rina NAR said...

sorry to say kak, mostly gomen Drs are like tht...tak hormat customers...

Anonymous said...

doktor msia mmg kurang hajar, slalu misdiagnose,x ambik kire patient's problems as a whole (post-operatively, family) xkira lah gomen ke pantai ke ape ke. according to my experiences, doktor2 yg i had dealt with mmg haprak..

I hope that i can be a really good doctor one day..

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Hi..I arrived at your blog via With All My heart.
Geramnya I baca about your post today.
No manners punya Dr.If I were you,I'll complain.
It doesnt matter government or private ,patients have the right to be treated with respect.
Just my point of view.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, wish best of luck to uncle Mazlan. Everything will go smooth n success. Dr tu stress la tu.