Thursday, 6 May 2010

My New Baby

I am so excited.. teruja n ciwi sungguh because of the arrival of my new baby. I have always wanted to own a sewing machine. I was inspired by my mom. I used to always see her using the sewing machine to make something n that was how I learned how to use the machine.

What encouraged me more to get the sewing machine was whenever there were pants that got torn or when I wanted to alter shirt or jeans, I just wished that I should have a sewing machine. Furthermore Hubby always sends his jeans or t-shirts for alteration n it was quite costly.

Apart from whatever reasons, I just have this urge to own one! At last my wish came true.. the sewing machine akhirnya menjadi kepunyaanku. Honestly I don’t even know how to make or sew anything. I have lots of ideas n imaginations but to materialize it… ohh I am not sure.. but who cares right? I have all my time to explore, try n error.

This afternoon after purchasing the gadget, dengan semangat waja I went to Kamdar. I was lucky coz there is a Kamdar shop nearby the Singer shop n Kamdar is having a sale right now! I bought a few meters of cotton materials with different patterns.

Hmm… I plan to make a pillow case for Hakeem’s bantal busuk n pyjama pants. Huh.. cita-cita sungguh tinggi. Like I said earlier.. I think I know how to do it.. it’s just in my head.. hehehehehe..

This evening I went to get threads n scissors like a tailor shop (taknak kalah tu..) n of course a book to assist me how to sew! Huh… very ambitious n sungguh gedik… :P

So.. there it is.. my lovely baby Singer sewing machine. Stay tune for my upcoming ‘creation’..

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chaiyok mak lang!!fify sokong...