Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The New House

Last month we received new ‘member’ in the family. It’s the little cute kitten given by our neighbor. He was just a week old when we received him. Hubby n kids were very excited having the kitten. His name is Whitey since he has white hair n blue eyes.

Alhamdullilah he is still surviving till now. Hubby n kids really pay attention n taking good care of Whitey. Anyway after having new kitten means the current ‘house’ that Timor is having now has to be expanded or renovated.. Ye lah.. naik taraf dari rumah teres ke bunglow!!

Hubby was so excited to build the house for these cats. He drew a plan ala-ala arkitek n ukur sana sini for the measurement. The initial planned was to hire any Indonesian workers to do but then I challenged hubby to build the house. Seperti biasa pantang mengalah sebelum berundur – pahlawan melayu… dengan semangatnya dia membuatnya.

We went to the place to buy woods n all stuffs needed. He took around 3 days to materialize it. Well.. it turned out not bad at all…

We save our money for not hiring workers n hubby had the satisfaction n recognition from all of us. The kids responds were like.. wah… Ayah.. did u really build this? I can’t believe it!

Now Timor has his new home n loves it so much. As for the Whitey probably after he is old enough, he can join Timor living in this mansion.

Apart from all of this, Hubby dah hitam balik…. Hehehehhe… Penat dia duk sapu krim siang mlm nak putih muka! No worries… nanti I belanja gi buat facial… :P


Anonymous said...

ayah buat sendiri?? whoahhh !!! clap2*

eleven_jan66 said...

boleh tempah suruh buat for mine...muat 5 ekor kucing godang2 ni...