Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Back In Alor Setar

I am in Alor Setar, Kedah now back to my dad’s house. I am here coz my dad admitted to the hospital. He has to undergo an operation which has been postponed for the past 3 months. I arrived Alor Setar in the evening and went straight to the hospital to visit my dad.

My dad looked fine except I think he is scared to undergo the operation. He has to be in the hospital two days earlier for the normal checkup routine like blood pleasure, sugar and etc. He said his blood pressure reading went up.

Yesterday we had our iftar at my aunty’s house. Huh… seronok berbuka ramai2. Big feast! Normally it was just us – my small family and sekali sekala berkumpul memang terasa kemeriahannya. My kids too enjoyed the crowd and food which of course superb.

Today I will go again to visit my dad. He will has his operation tomorrow morning and I pray that everything will be fine.

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ajigenu said...

woitttt...jelesss arr tgk ampa buka posa...kat pasir gudang tara pa yg menarik...kena p jb gak baru syiokkk...