Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Story Of My Son

Hakeem.. my only son. He is a jovial and fun-loving boy. Being the youngest in the family, he is always the favorite one to be hugged n cuddled. Also not to forget sometimes spoilt as he is always being pampered by his sisters n me!

Hakeem is so close to his dad. They are buddies as he always claims that they are the only ‘man’ in the family. This back few days my little ‘man’ had been very depressed. For the first time I saw him cried and asked for his dad.

Last two years when hubby was in Kazakhstan, I had a tough time to comfort Nabila as she was always cried asking for her dad. Hakeem was so cool just like nothing happen. For the last one year hubby was back working in Malaysia. The children were so used to see him every day. Manja2 and gurau2..

Last two weeks hubby went again working abroad. Nabila of course during the first week she was very depressed. She cried and kept holding hubby’s picture and t-shirt. Hakeem still looked fine. When I asked him ‘do you miss Ayah?’ he answered YES of course.

Last Tuesday when I was in Kedah, while lying on the bed Hakeem said that he felt so sad. I asked why and suddenly he burst into tears. He cried and wanted his dad. God I was panic at first as I never saw him like that. I tried to comfort him and Nabila was being nice gave hubby’s photo &t-shirt (that she have with her all the time) to Hakeem.

Hakeem fell asleep after that with the photo in his hand. Since that day every night Hakeem cried longing for his dad. I know this separation is hard for Hakeem as he is now matured enough to understand what is going on. I just hope that it won’t affect him further.

Tonight I got him to talk to hubby as he cried again. After talking to his dad, he felt a bit cheerful and fell asleep immediately. Poor my boy… my heart goes out to him.

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