Sunday, 22 August 2010

Laksa oh... Laksa

Laksa.. never been my favorite. Though I was brought up in Kedah which is so famous with its trade mark of laksa.. everywhere you go, you can see people selling laksa. Still I don’t really like to eat laksa.

Until one day… when I was in Miri, I didn’t particularly remember why and how it started but that was the first time I really enjoyed and started to eat laksa. It was my first homemade laksa. I guessed it was because I wanted to try out the recipe and it turned out to be tasteful.

Since there.. there is no turning back! Laksa does not only like by me but also by everybody in the family including the little one, Nabila. I don’t know when and where did she learn to eat laksa but it seems that every time when there is laksa, she would want to order that.

Here in KL, it’s hard to find shop selling good laksa unless if it’s Penang Laksa . Penang laksa is different from Kedah laksa. There was once I went to Pasar Ramadhan at Shah Alam and found one good laksa stall. It claimed to be Laksa Jitra. Tapi serius… memang sedap.

When I was in Kedah recently, I bought laksa at the Pasar Ramadhan there. Sadly it was so tasteless. Cair, too masam and didn’t taste the fish at all. Memang tak puas hati.. sedap lagi yg kat Shah Alam tu.

Today because of the dissatisfaction and disappointment of not getting good laksa back in Kedah, I made and cooked my own laksa for Iftar. Furthermore kids requested to eat laksa! Huh… bukan nak masuk dalam bakul or naik lif picit sendiri naik atas… haahahhahaha… but my homemade cook laksa tasted so super duper yummyyyy..

Everybody enjoyed it so much except Hakeem… he wanted different menu – mee sup! So for him I cooked mee sup while the rest of us oh la la… laksa..

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