Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Famous Ayam Kampung

Today I was in KL for the half day. I accompanied hubby to collect his visa (he’s going away again… sob sob…). Since my bro came from Alor Setar, we thought of bringing him to have lunch at our favorite spot – Restoran Ayam Kampung Bandariya.

As far as I remember, this restaurant already existed since I came to work in KL. That was probably about 18years ago. My office was around the area – Lebuh Ampang. Those who worked around this area would probably knows n familiar with this restaurant. The place was always packed during lunch time. It is famous for the ayam kampung.

The types of dishes served were quite simple. They have sambal ikan bilis, gulai ikan, ulam, sotong, telur masin and the crunchy yummy ayam kampung with sambal belacan. They would normally bring all type of dishes and we could select what we want.

We arrived at the restaurant around 12.20 and waited for my other bro and his friend to join us too. By the time we started to eat the place was already crowded. Nasib baik dapat meja.. The more the merrier and memang berselera makan today.

It was raining during our journey home. There was one cendol stall on our back home and we just couldn’t resist not having it. Well.. that was our desert in the rainy days..


Rina NAR said...

salam kak, mcm ni la baru syok, dah selalu update blog...klo x update mcm ada je yg tak kena..syok bc ur blog, anyways, hubby is leaving again? la...same goes to my sis's n her family, they are leaving for Dubai soon *sob,sob*...

Vogue Mom said...

Hehehehehe Rina... now ni semangat dah pulih kembali... kena korek balik cita2 lama nak update!