Monday, 9 August 2010

The Sad Parting

Yesterday we went to KLIA. Hubby is going away again. For the time being he will be resided in Delhi, India. It has been a year he is with us here in KL and the parting this time was quite difficult. Two days ago when hubby mentioned n explained to Nabila and Hakeem that he will be leaving the country, both of them just couldn’t take the news. They wanted to follow him and kept asking lots of questions and reasons.

Nabila had showed her sad face even from the house where else the innocent Hakeem were non-stop playing from home till the airport as his cousins were around. Last night before sleeping both of them asked for their dad.

Nabila had difficulty to sleep last night. She was holding hubby’s picture n cried. God..I know this will happen every time hubby leaves us. My poor girl.. Looking at her made me sad too.

I know this is hard for me and the children. Well.. future needs sacrifices. Insha’Allah we will be joining hubby for good next year.

Hubby called last night and he had safely arrived. I pray that he will be safe and fine there.

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Rina NAR said...

Tough times do happen in life. It’s very painful to be away from each other esp for the kids...anyhow Absence makes the heart grow fonder.betul tak?