Friday, 6 August 2010

Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant @ USJ

We were in Subang Jaya just now to get something that only sold there. Jeng Jeng… suspen je kan… We brought the children as we planned to have dinner out. Hubby kepingin bangat to have the Thailand cuisine. So cita pasal makan again lah ye.... dah nak puasa kata kan.. :)

Well in USJ Taipan, I hardly see any good Malay or Thailand restaurant. After driving a few rounds looking for a good place to eat we just decided to go out from that area and find somewhere else. We thought of heading back to SS15 area but the traffic was so bad - the endless jam in Subang Jaya.

We made a turn back and thinking of just heading back to Shah Alam. While on the way I saw a sign of one Thai restaurant. It’s Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant. Since everybody was hungry so we decided to try out here. It’s a fine dining restaurant that nobody will expect it to be located at the housing are with two rows shop. It’s an authentic Thai restaurant with its genuine Thai setup.

After received and went thru the menu, I decided to order the norm dish that we used to eat. As usual otak-otak, tomyam, steam fish, sambal udang petai and asparagus. We had been recommended to try the coconut juice with lychee. The fruits had been mixed and blended with ice. The lychee taste was quite strong that made me wonder whether they really put in the coconut.

Most of all the foods, I like the taste of the tomyam. It’s thick and sweet. The taste was different like I used to have even though in Thailand. The rest of the food I would say ‘so – so’. It just didn’t knock my sock off!

The ambience was nice, friendly waiters but the foods were a bit pricey compare to the serving size. But since all of us were hungry and the children loves the steam fish (which I tasted tawar je…) licin jugak lah… Berbaloi hubby buka wallet bayar!!

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