Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Challenge

Today is the 4th day of Ramadan. Alhamdullilah my youngest two, Nabila and Hakeem are still ‘surviving’ and still have the spirit and courage to fast. Frankly I didn’t expect it’s going to be this easy n less challenging for me to get them to fast.. hehehehhehe but I am so proud of them!!

Now the big challenge for me is what to cook for the Iftar? If hubby is with us, my focus would be on him and all our favorites foods. Since this year Nabila and Hakeem are fasting, I have to prepare something that they like and want to eat.

Yesterday Nabila requested steam fish. Sambal is a must dish in the menu, any kind of sambal tumis will do – fish, egg or chicken. Every day I will ask each of them what to eat. Today Nabila wants popia goreng and Hakeem wants karipap. Hmmm… these one beli kat Pasar Ramadan je lah..

As the main dish they said anything but not curry or soup! Mana tak.. last time I always cooked either soup or curry for them. So now dah jemu.. hehehehhe. So today I plan to cook ikan masak lemak cili api (their favourite k..) which I know will make them eat a lot..

Yesterday during Iftar, the kids were at the table since 7pm. Once heard the Azan, they were screaming joy. Hakeem had a full glass of strawberry yogurt. When I served him the rice with steam fish he said “OMG.. .. this is yummy. I can’t believe it. I feel like I am in the dream” As for Nabila, she was so cool.. ate slowly enjoying the sambal ayam berlada.

So today another day.. I was just flipping thru my collections of recipe books. Hmm… macam-macam nak try but since there are not many people in the house.. yang pelik2 tu beli je lah… hehehehehehe..

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