Monday, 30 August 2010

I Hate You But I Need You

This afternoon while I was stuck in the traffic as usual rodek2 my phone, I noticed that my phone suddenly couldn’t be used. I couldn’t log in to my YM and my BBM was not functioning. I called Maxis hotline and I got a message “Sorry.. your line has been interrupted at the moment. Please pay the outstanding bill” – lebih kurang mcm tu lah bunyi nya..

I was shocked to hear that as far as I am concern my husband makes an auto debit monthly payment from his credit card. Damn.. I wanted to call him to check out but I don’t have any other phone with me. I have no clue at all why this happen. Berdetik gak dlm hati.. kut2 takde duit dlm bank suami aku!!

Well.. I just have to be patient I told myself. Wait till I get back home and check on this. Once home, I quickly buzz hubby but he was not available to answer me. I then called Maxis Call Centre. I told the staff that my phone line has been suspended. I told him too that my husband makes an auto debit payment using credit card and all this while we have no problem with this.

After given my details and checked by him, he told me that there is a problem with HSBC as my husband is using HSBC credit card. I asked “what do u mean by problem? Is it my husband’s credit card or what?” He replied that Maxis is having problems with HSBC regarding master card/visa card holder.

I said “So.. we customer jadi mangsa ke? We are the good paymaster. If Maxis has problem with the bank, we customer shouldn’t have to know and being affected. I said again “I want my line back as it is not fair to me as a customer to receive this kind of service as this is definitely not my fault”

After checked with the supervisor, he came back to me said sorry and will activate the line back in 2 hours. I said “What… 2 hours… that is so long” Maybe the staff takut kut I buat bising.. he quickly said “ok.. I have activated your line now and you can use it now” He asked me to reboot my phone and waaallaaa.. I got my ‘life’ back.. Huh.. bole pun.. nak kena tunggu 2 jam pulak.. bukan tak bayar bill.. bukan salah kita..

Of course after that I am so happy to be ‘connected’ back but the damaged that Maxis had done to me for almost 4 hours – miserable and disoriented!

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Rina NAR said...

omg i thot i was d only one...maxis mmg teruk lah service nowdays...dh ramai org complaint!