Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pasar Ramadan Mania

My fasting would not be complete without going to Pasar Ramadan. I love to go there to see all kind of foods. Whichever foods that are hard to find during normal day can be found here in PaRam. I went from the first day when I was in Malacca – at two different locations.

Yesterday I went to the one near Stadium Shah Alam. I reached there around 6pm and my God.. the place was so crowded with people. Probably it was Saturday and people from I don’t know where went there too. I could hardly move and had to walk slowly.

There were only four rows of stalls tapi manusia punya lah ramai. Some of the stalls have finished their sales and some had a very long queue. I only bought what my children wanted to eat – popia and karipap. I just went off after that as I couldn’t stand the cram.

Today.. again tak serik2 I went to another PaRam which I am very sure not so packed. I went at Plaza PKNS. It is just a one stretch of stalls, easy to walk and breath! Actually there was nothing that particularly I wanted to buy. It was just the urge of going there. Now I understand why hubby would want to go to PaRam every day last year!! Hehehehehehe…

Mostly all the foods are the same anywhere you go. Ayam percik, ayam madu, all kinds of nasi, kuih muih and kinds of drinks. The price..hmmm.. there is no more of RM1. Kuih, otak-otak all sold either 3pieces for RM2 or 5pieces for RM2. I saw yong taufu and rojak Singapore. I told my daughter if you buy that, simply pick n choose at the end you will pay nearly RM20. Takde yang murah situ..

As for the taste – so so. Some are really good and tasty but some ok lah.. As for me, saya berbelanja dengan berhemah sekali. I only buy what my children like in a small quantity. Tu pun.. sometimes tak habis. Membazir gak… But still the next day want to go again to Pasar Ramadan.

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