Monday, 16 August 2010

Go Western...

Today in the morning Hakeem came to me and said that he was craving of eating pizza. He wanted to have that for our Iftar. When I asked Nabila and Nadira, they cheered agreed happily. Hmm.. so today I decided to prepare ‘western’ iftar.. memandangkan semua tekak nak jadi orang putih… :)

Pizza… well that surely ordered from our favorite Dominos. The pizza package came with chicken barb-q. Beside that I also cooked grilled salmon and mash potato. I always stock fresh salmon in my fridge as my children love to eat those. The salmon I bought fresh from Shah Alam market which only available on the weekend.

I made simple grilled salmon – just marinate with salt & pepper then grilled with butter. As for the mash potato – mashed and poured with mushroom black pepper gravy.. Yummy.. yummy…

All of us enjoyed the meal so much. As for the desert.. my homemade jelly which Nabila had those non-stop. Now.. for sahur… I am still thinking what to cook?

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