Thursday, 26 August 2010

Iftar Gathering

Today I invited my brothers and cousin iftar at my home since my aunty came from Kedah. My dearest cousin, Piqah is leaving for Canada tomorrow so we just gathered around to be with her. I cooked a few dishes and of course my aunty and brothers bought more and more extra foods.

Roti Mc Gyver Murtabak Rafi

It was definitely meriah bila berbuka ramai-ramai. Plus with the children who some were fasting too enjoyed themselves with the cousins. My bro, Amil brought the famous bubur lambuk Kg Bahru and also the famous ‘roti McGyver’ (my bro ckp roti ni tgh ‘hot’ kat Kg Bahru).

On top of that my aunty bought my favourite Rafi murtabak yang tebal dan padat and also a few dishes. My bro, Paul brought kuih muih and my cousin, Jaw – ayam percik, golek (though she was late tapi ayam licin gak!!)

After dinner was the children session. My bro Amil and Pak Ngah brought bunga api and mercun pop. Huh… apa lagi… macam nak raya rasanya. The children were very excited. Pak Amil jadi ketua kampung layan budak2…

While everybody lepak2 having tea suddenly my bro took something out from his car. Sempat lagi tu… jualan mega hari raya!! He had girl’s dress with him and my cousin Jaw, terjebak gak beli… Hahahahhaha.. but it was a good deal.

I am very pleased to have relatives or guests around at home. If hubby was around too he would as much enjoyed the company too. Beside that my children who used to have only them in the house could get to play with their cousins. The Iftar gathering was success and thanks to everybody who came with lots of foods.

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