Wednesday, 4 August 2010

(K)night Rider

Last night just before dinner, hubby told me that his bro was coming with his wife from Malacca. They were riding on a motorbike. They would meet us somewhere to lepak2. Hubby asked me to get ready by 9pm.

I was reluctant at first. I still didn’t have enough confidents though for this second ride and some more during night time. Anyway after all the support and encouragement from dear hubby I was willing to give another try.

This time we went to Puchong. Once on the bike I got my confidents back. The journey was smooth n to tell the truth I didn’t feel scared at all. What made me so uncomfortable was the position of my sitting. After adjusting here and there I still couldn’t find the comfy position for myself.

So after we reached the destination my left feet felt bit pain and cramp. This could probably because I was so tense and stiff. I was supposed to be relaxed. Tapi macam mana nak relax.. dah lah tak bole goyang2.. duk keras ah sepanjang jalan..

During the journey back home, I was bit relax. Dah pandai ah sikit..cewah.. But somehow I don’t know why after I got down from the bike, sakit kaki kaki dan bontot semua.. God.. kejang semua urat2 ku.. I told hubby, I jogged two big rounds of Shah Alam Lake pun tak sakit badan mcam ni!!

I felt so exhausted like I was the one yang bawa bike tu!! I am having body aching and feel like having fever. Huh… dah tua kut… hihihihihihi..

Hubby plan to go to Tg Malim this weekend and I said – its ok.. you go ahead and just tapau for me the kuih pau :)

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Anonymous said...

seb baik selama nie I felt myself young... kalau tak gerenti saket-saket gak kan? huhuhuhuhuuhuhu