Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My First Day Of Ramadhan

My first day of Ramadan went well. I and my children are now in Malacca. Today is also the first time for Nabila and Hakeem start to fast. Last night I woke up them up for sahur at 4.30am. Alhamdullilah it was easy for them to get up especially Nabila. As for Hakeem, he was half awake and I had to carry him down.

Nabila had requested me to cook sambal tumis telur for sahur. She really ate and finished the whole plate of rice. Hakeem was not in a good mood that he only had a few spoons of rice. All he wanted was to quickly finish and continue his sleeping.

During our journey back to Malacca which about 11am, Hakeem already complained that he got headache and dizzy. He said he was hungry and wanted to eat. I told him to hold on as it was already noon at that time.

At 1pm he came to me said he was very hungry and so tempted looking at the ‘Fudo’ cake which he found on the table. Huh.. silap I didn’t hide it away. He begged me just to have only one piece. “Only one piece mommy… please..” I let him to have it and told him to have one, only one and continue fasting after that.

One hour after that he came again asking for another piece. At the end he had three pieces every hour until I asked him to stop and save some for his sister. He only had cakes and water. Kira macam puasalah bagi Hakeem tu.. hehehehhe… Takpe first day and still under training.

As for Nabila, she managed to fast for the whole day. Bravo my girl. Well done and mommy is so proud of you. Though she sometimes complained hungry and kept asking how much longer to go.. but you had the spirit my girl!

Today our menu for iftar was very simple. A few kuih from pasar ramadhan and not to forget the Yusuf Taiyoob kurma… (terpengaruh dengan iklan ni…). Then just rice with a few dishes. Hakeem and Nabila bersungguh makan and tambah 5x!!! They had done well on their first day of Ramadan.

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