Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Back To School

Here I am back to my normal routine. My children started their New Year calendar of school yesterday. Nadira is in Year 11, Nabila- Year 3 and Hakeem - Year 2. All of them were excited and looking forward on the first day.

When reached school, Nabila and Hakeem were so excited meeting their friends. It seems that they had so many things to catch up. Nabila has been fasting from the day one of Ramadhan. I told her to try to fast if she can and in case she feels tired she can always break her fast and have a drink.

As for Hakeem, he already told me that he might not be able to fast while his friends eat in front of him. And with lots of reasons from Hakeem, I said.. OK.. but when it’s a school off day you definitely has to fast. As for Nabila I cross my finger as I know it could be tough for her as this is her first year.

At the end of school when I fetched them, I saw Nabila smile and ran towards me. She waited for me to ask her “So.. Did you manage to fast today?” With her big grin she nodded and proudly said ‘Yes’. Wah.. I was so surprised and at the same time proud to see her so determine in doing this. As for Hakeem, masuk dalam kereta dgn selambanya makan depan kakak dia! Today the 2nd day of school and Nabila still continued fasting.

My routine during Ramadhan is quite packed. I have to run around in between tasks. I am currently busy with my kek lapis, the whole day baking plus with cooking for Iftar. In the evening after fetched children from school I would normally pengsan! I was totally exhausted. Last year I have hubby to be the ‘chauffeur’ and now I have to do all by myself. Warghhhh…..

As for Nadira, she is now busying in her preparation for her GCSE. She just got her result for Bahasa Malaysia paper and it was excellent – A*. Well done my girl. Keep it up and I pray that you will succeed in other papers as well.

Mean while.. here I am the busy mom not the superwoman but trying her best to be one.

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