Thursday, 19 August 2010

Prayer For My Father

The day I arrived in Alor Setar, I went straight to the hospital to visit my dad. At that time my dad still had not went through the operation. My children were very excited to visit their Tok Ayah but unfortunately kids were not allowed to go in. They were so frustrated.

Since they couldn’t went up to see him, my dad went downstairs to the lobby to meet them (culik pesakit sat…) My dad had two solid days resting and did some checkups before his operation day.

Today at 7.30am he went to the operation theatre and was back to his room around 10.45am. Alhamdullilah the operation went thru very well. My dad had an epidural and was awake during the operation. He could see on the monitor what was going on. He just watched for a while as he felt scared.

According to the doctor, they scrapped something like ‘fat’ (’m not sure what the medical term is) in the prostate which was the one caused my dad having frequent urination. The weight of the ’fat’ was 27gm which was a mild case. The doctor said she had a case which the weight was 50gm.

My dad looked fine and relieved after undergone the operation. He started to drink water at 12pm and followed by solid food. In the evening at 5.00pm when I visited him again, he complained of having pain. I guessed the anesthetic subsided and my dad started to feel the pain.

My dad has to stay at the hospital until his urine color turned to normal. As for now it was full with blood. It would probably take around two days. I just hope that my dad could endure the pain. Looking at his face yang menahan kesakitan just make me felt so bad as I couldn’t help much.

I pray that he will be fine and speedy recovery. After this my dad can sleep like a baby as he doesn’t have to wake up so many times at night to go to the toilet.


Amed Mazlan said...

Alhamdulillah selesai dan selamat Ayah punya operation.Bagi anak-anak ayah yang tak dapat balik kerana betugas yang tak dapat di elakkan,kami mendoakan kesihatan ayah sihat walafiat hendaknya..AMINN

To kaklong,boy,auntie ainon,ucu,uncle mat,kakyan,sepupu2,anak2 buah pak mil...u all are superb pasai ada di sana kuat kan semangat ayah untuk operation tu. Alhamdulillah...

Amed Mazlan said...

TAk lupa juga untuk pakngah & makngah..tq very much again.

Rina NAR said...

alhamdulillah semuanya dh selamat. Our prayers for his speedy recovery.Amin