Friday, 27 August 2010

Good Luck To Piqah

My dearest cousin – Afiqah or panggilan manja.. Piqah is leaving for Canada today. After a year doing prep in Taylors College under JPA scholar, she continue her first Degree in Economy at University of Alberta.

Piqah is very close to me. When I was pregnant for Nadira, she was 3 years old and I always brought her around with me everywhere I go. Now she and my daughter Nadira are not like aunty&niece but they are BFF. They are so very close.

Now my baby cousin dah besar panjang and is going abroad. Her flight is at 9.15am but she has to be at the airport by 5am. My uncle left the house as early as 3.00am. I was not able to send her off as I have to send my children to the school.

Nadira was at the airport and she took some pictures. By looking at the pictures, my aunty was very sad sending off her youngest daughter. Piqah has to be there for 5 years but I am sure with all the internet thingy things we would always be in touch with her. Furthermore she already planned that she wants to come back home the next summer holiday.

To Piqah, Take a good care, study hard and come back as an Economist. I know you are a survivor and would be able to face the world out there. All of us will definitely miss you. I am sure especially my children.

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