Sunday, 30 August 2009

Iftar At Saloma Bistro

We had our Iftar today at Saloma Bistro. This is my treat for hubby’s birthday. We arrived at the place quite early n mingled around the area – MITC waiting for the Iftar. Taking photos n posing sana sini…

The place was pretty crowded with people. I could see there were also foreigners from Middle East joining us for Iftar.

The food I would say so so.. and not so many varieties. For the price of RM65 per person probably that’s what we get as mostly hotels in KL charge for Ramadhan Buffet from RM70++ to RM130++.

As for buffet if you really can eat a lot then it’s worth it. We left the place around 8.15pm n went to Pavillion. The place was so crowded with many people which I wonder what they were doing there. We just there for an hour as at 10pm the shops already closed.

We had a break, coffee with Icam n his wife. On the way back, Nabila n Hakeem were sleeping in the car tired hugging their newly bought toys.

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