Thursday, 3 September 2009


40. Yes I am 40 years old today. First n foremost I would like to express my gratitude to Allah S.W.T for giving me a good health n long life that I will be able to see the world n as who I am now for 40 years old.

40 is a big number! Some would say dah tua pun… some would say muda lagi ni.. People always say life begin at 40. That is mostly said to man but I don’t know whether it is applicable to a woman like me.

If people ask me how do I feel? Well.. I feel good, happy n blessed. At the age of 40 people are still mistaken me as mid 30. time ni perasan ah sikit.. I still got no wrinkles on my face. I can still run n doing steps in the gym continuously for 30min without pancit.

Alhamdullilah n I feel so grateful n I pray and hope that these will last longer. Apart from that I am very happy with my husband n children, my family. I also wish that all my plans can be achieved successfully.

I pray that my years ahead will be filled by happiness, prosperity, love, long life, good health n fully blessed by Allah S.W.T.

"One year older doesn’t mean that u are getting old but u are actually a year beautifully matured."

p/s: zillion thanks for all the wishes.

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