Friday, 18 September 2009


It has been so so long that I have not updated my blog. The blog that I used to visit daily n updated regularly. I was very busy with my new project. I am actually selling kek lapis Sarawak for hari raya. As I used to ‘brag’ baking is my passion.. hehehehhe so I wanted to try changing the hobby into profit . But seriously I love to bake especially cakes.

Well talking about this kek lapis Sarawak, I learned to make it when I was staying in Miri. I was pregnant for Nabila at that time. I resigned my job to follow my hubby to Miri. I left my life of career woman n be a domestic manager. I took the weekend baking class. From there I experiment n tried out all kind design of this delicious stunning look of kek lapis.

After about 6 years making kek lapis for friends n family I took the first step created my online kek lapis business. Then I spread my wings promoted my product for Hari Raya. Frankly I didn’t really actually went all out promoting it. It was just mouth to mouth.

To my surprise I got quite lots of order started from before ramadhan till the end of it. I only have two ovens n fulltime helper (my maid) n part time helper (my daughter). We started baking from early morning after sahur till Iftar time. I tried once to continue after Iftar but I just couldn’t. I was so worn-out that sometimes I just couldn’t stand up properly n felt very weak.

My daily routine was baking kek lapis. I had sleepless nights worried that I couldn’t fulfill the orders. Though I had close the order there were still order continuously coming in which at the end I had to stop taking orders.

Anyway I finally managed to make all the delivery in KL yesterday. I went back to Kedah a week ago to deliver order from there. I feel so relieve that all of these had been settled.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everybody that has helped me. Thank you very much to my SIL – kak faridah, Ida, Sis Nora, Boy, Kak Yan, Ita, Nazri for trusting my products helping me selling my kek lapis to your colleagues. Those that I’ve not mentioned names here, my friends n family – all of you are not forgotten. Thanks a lot.

Last but not least – those yang bekerja di belakang tabir… my hubby for taking over my job sending/fetching my kids to/from school. Then my daughter Nadira though sometimes sampai nak tercabut tekak menjerit suruh dia tolong – u did played the role. And the last one – my maid, I know she will never read this but she helped me a lot. Without her I could never do this alone. Balik Indon nanti boleh ah dia bisnes kek lapis ni… :)

I will definitely strategize better plans for next year hari raya. Thanks to Allah for the rezeki n kudrat yang diberi untuk melakukan semua ini. I will improve n do better.

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