Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dinner With The Family

Since the day we arrived in Alor Setar, everyday we went to eat nasi mamak. Breakfast roti boom at mee abu, dinner at nasi royale n breakfast again at nasi zam zam. Sampai sakit perut ah semua.. toilet is our favourite place!

Tonight we planned to have seafood for our dinner. My family in Kedah loves to eat. We can sometimes drive to Kuala Perlis to try out ikan bakar or seafood. Sometimes we even went to Penang for nasi kandar.

Tonight we just went to the seafood restaurant at Kuala Kedah. Surprisingly there were many people. Probably dah jemu makan ketupat rendang.

Tonight also we had a surprise birthday celebration for my youngest brother – Boy. He will be 30 years old on the 25th Sept. Since everybody is here, an early celebration has been done for him.

We got the cake for him. This gonna be his last birthday as orang bujang. Next year kena kahwin! So next year will be the final kenduri kahwin in the family.

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