Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Thank You

I’ve been very extremely busy. I have forgotten when was the last time I touch my laptop or hook up to the internet. Hubby has taken over my job dutifully sending n fetching kids to/from school. My routine started early in the morning baking till nearly time of Iftar. In between I cooked for Iftar. I will tell later about my baking project..

Anyway last Sunday hubby took me n kids to have our Iftar outside – birthday treat. We had Thai food at Plaza Masalam. We didn’t do any booking n just try our luck walked in. The place was crowded n we were lucky to get a table.

Thank you so much as I don’t have to cook on that day! I also received cards – musical card special chosen by Hakeem n lovely gifts from my children. Thank you also for the big surprise – a beautiful bouquet of roses from my dearest Faizah. This really caught me into surprise. Thanks dear.. the flower was so lovely.

Thanks also to Danny for the ‘exciting’ gift – have no time to experiment it yet n not to forget Piqah.. ehem.. u still owe me! hehehehhehe..

Well.. who says I didn’t enjoy being 40? I’ve been surrounding n love by all the people that are so thoughtful n caring. All of u are so special n always in my heart. Thank you..

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