Sunday, 27 September 2009

Guests Coming For Raya

We departed from Alor Setar on early Friday morning. Last year Raya we caught in a terrible jam – 12 hours stuck in the traffic. So this year we tried a different strategy, head off at 5am. The traffic was very good n smooth. We stopped at two R&R n arrived in Shah Alam our home sweet home at 11.30am.

Everybody was so glad n relieved to be home. After an hour rest I went out to the wet market. We have visitor coming the next day for Raya. I managed to prepare rendang daging n boiled ketupat.

The next morning our visitors - my hubby’s cousin Kak Umi n the family from Malacca arrived. I cooked mee goreng plus the ketupat, rendang, cakes n cookies. After my house we went to my SIL house which is just about 5min drive.

At night we met them again. We went to Danau Kota. This was my first time here. I heard about this place from many people n last night at last I got to see the place. It is a place with rows of stalls selling from shoes, clothes, handbags, sunglasses n lots more. They sell an imitation products which some of them are the high grade quality.

The place opens daily at 10.00pm till morning. We were there till 12midnight. Quite interesting place if you plan to shop or else just cuci mata je lah


Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai said...

hi voguemom,

it was really nice of you to share some happy moments with us. Thanks for this interesting reading.

I wonder where in the map raya is?

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AshleyZul said...

whos that other girl, bj kurung hijau?

Vogue Mom said...

that girl is sepupu fifi belah ayah dia.. yg duk kat cheras