Monday, 21 September 2009

Raya at Alor Setar

On the second day of raya we went back to Kedah. We departed from Malacca at 5am. The traffic was so good n smooth. We arrived at Alor Setar at 11.30am.

In the evening we went to visit my mom’s pusara. This time around I brought all my children. Nabila & Hakeem always curios n asked lots of questions about their Tok Ma. Like how she died, where did she go, how did she goes to heaven n lots more of questions.

After an explanation during the journey they seem to understand a bit. I told them to read Al-fatihah all the time. Nabila was behaving herself very well sitting down while Hakeem was running around the graveyard.

At night I went to my aunty’s house. The following day we went to my cousin’s house. She made kuetiaw sup.

I have all my brothers around at Kedah. It has been so long that I n my brothers have the opportunity to be together at my dad’s house. I feel so happy to be with them. One thing that I miss n wish for is my mom to be with us. I really miss her cook for raya n the cookies as well.

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