Monday, 3 August 2009

Beautiful Baby

My SIL Liza gave birth to a beautiful girl couple of weeks ago at Malacca. I was only managed to see the baby at the time I wanted to go back to Shah Alam. The baby was having a jaundice n had to stay at the hospital for 3 days.

I was actually looking forward to see the baby. The moment I had her in my hand, I was like ooohh… eeehhhh… wooo… sshhhh… mix up feelings n emotions in me. The baby name Nurdeena Huda n she looks exactly like her elder sister Uzma. She is so beautiful with fair skin n black hairy hair.

I asked Nabila n Hakeem to see, touch n hold the baby’s hand. They were not so keen to do that. Nabila was busy playing with her gameboy where as for Hakeem he already started showing uncomfortable face looking at me holding the baby.

When asked Hakeem whether he wants to have a new baby at home who is his younger brother or sister he straight away answer NO. These are some reasons given:
  1. If mommy have another baby then she will not love me anymore
  2. I don’t want to be a baby-seater to take care of the baby n change the nappy n make susu
  3. I am afraid the baby will play n mess up with my toys
  4. I don’t want people to get confuse because we have a new baby
  5. If the baby sleep with mommy then where am I going to sleep
That’s my youngest child Hakeem who is so so manja n mengada-ngada with me. My other children had actually talked to me n hubby “requesting” another new member in the family. Their reason is they want to have an experience of having a small sister/brother at their age which according to them that will be adorable n cute. Ye lah tu… ingat anak patung? :)

As for me.. deep inside me I would love to have another child. I love to get pregnant again.. n give birth to a beautiful healthy baby. BUT.. well there are always BUTs or else I won’t be talking about this right…

My last pregnancy was 7 years ago n I am 40years old now. Saying is much simpler than doing it. As much as I love to have a baby, deep inside me I am also scared. I also have my long lists of reasons why I think I better not doing it.

I have a big happy family now. Allah gave me beautiful handsome healthy brilliant children. I am truly blessed to have them all. So.. the issue of me having another baby – case closed!


Anonymous said...

correction...41 years old laa

AshleyZul said...

okeh je la mommy, u'r a healthy fine young oppss middle aged woman.
Tambah je lagi satu. hihi

Vogue Mom said...

excuse me... i am 40years old.. sape ni salah kira? bukan senang i nak reveal umur i ni.. hahahahaha..

faizah - tak larat dah lah.. tunggu cucu je lah pulak.. :)