Thursday, 27 August 2009

Iftar With Family

Today Iftar, I have all my in-laws at home. My hubby’s eldest sister to the youngest one – Along, Kak Ngah, Nazri & Liza. Kak Ngah & Liza drove down from Malacca n arrived in the afternoon.

When arrived, Maisara n Uzma were quite bored as Nabila, Hakeem were at school. When they came back, all of them were non-stop playing. Then in the night came Fatini n Emir joining them. They really had a good time.

I cooked rice with ikan talang lemak cili api, sambal udang petai, ayam goreng kicap, ikan bakar, sayur kangkung plus lots n lots of kuih muih bought at pasar ramadhan n some brought by the guests.

After iftar, the session continued with coffee, chatting while forcing ourselves to eat the foods that bought at pasar ramadhan. Surprisingly semua habis…

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