Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Temptation

Today it’s again… about pasar ramadhan. But now it’s about what to buy when we go there? For the last two days we went to pasar ramadhan near the stadium Shah Alam. Me n hubby always have our own favourite food to buy when we go there.

I love to buy murtabak. I bought at Malacca for the last couple days n it was so disappointed. No filling except flour that looked like roti canai. Hubby loves roti john.

At pasar ramadhan Shah Alam, there is one stall sells roti john that I saw last year had a long que. I am not talking about long just like long but this is really long mcm ular melingkar which had probably more than 20 people lined up. Serious… this people really mempunyai tahap kesabaran yang cukup tinggi. I really wanted to try but looking at the que n kesabaranku tidak dapat menandingi mereka mereka itu… maka terbatal lah niat tu…

This year I saw they had two separate stalls – probably because of high demand from last year. So today we were lucky to have the chance eating this famous papa john. There were about 8 people in front of us but hubby said – it’s ok.. I will que up. hmm… semangat yg cukup tinggi

They have a few types of roti john. We ordered special roti john – RM5.50. Huh.. very expensive. Because of the curiosity to taste how good it is plus nafsu yg tinggi… didn’t mind to join the que n bought not only one but two! Hehehehehe

We tasted the roti john first thing for iftar. It tasted good n delicious but very salty. I don’t know whether it was only today tasted salty or maybe it was supposed to taste like that. Anyway we have no regrets buying it.

As for murtabak, I still couldn’t find the one that really taste nice. Anyway.. still have another 25 days to go…

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