Saturday, 8 August 2009

The 'Heat'

This morning I went out to have breakfast with kids n did some groceries at Giant. When I passed the entrance I heard a Raya song playing in the air. OMG.. it’s not even Ramadhan yet but they already playing the raya song..

Then I saw stacked of raya cookies n lots varieties kinds of dates from all over Middle East country. I don’t see people actually shopping for raya yet. Probably it was just a normal weekly grocery.

Deep inside me I felt so excited. I was smiling n I can feel that my heart feels with joy. Nabila n Hakeem have now started to understand n asked about Raya festival. Hubby will be coming back for good n yes.. this raya all of us will be together.

I’ve planned to make a few types of cookies. I am also looking forward for Iftar. Iftar always be a special month for me as I will cook n try out different kinds of dishes for the whole month. This doesn’t count the Pasar Ramadhan that we love to go n also shopping baju kurung raya for the children.

Hmm… I am now thrilled.. hehehehhe.. I can feel the heat already. This is the best part in life to celebrate Iftar n Eid in your own country. Believe me..

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