Thursday, 13 August 2009

Gula Vs Mask

Every time nak raya, gula always be the hot stuff. At the same time there are always the irresponsible people taking advantage on others by hiding lots of stocks. Padan muka n serve them right those that had been caught.

Couple of weeks ago when the matter arise, in front of my eyes I saw makcik-makcik like got panic n grabbed as many packets sugar as they could. Though it’s written there 2 packets per person, they still took more n even begged the cashier to let them thru. Some of the shops n stores were out of stock for sugar.

In my house, we hardly use sugar except when guests come n sometimes when I cook certain dish. The 1kg packet of sugar can last up to 2 months. Despite the fact that rumours of not enough stocks of sugar, the price is still being controlled by the government.

Not like MASK. Yes.. the surgical mask, mask or apa2 yg sewaktu dengannya also currently the hot stuff in market. The price suddenly increased to RM1.50 per piece. It is so ridiculous. At the moment when all of us need mask due to the H1N1 influenza, again the irresponsible people taking advantage on this.

Four days ago, I went around looking for the mask n it’s all out of stock. Finally yesterday I found at one of the pharmacy in Shah Alam. They sell one box (50pieces) for RM75 which the price normally less then RM50. According to the sales person, a few boxes that they have in the shop were purchased from other pharmacies.

She advised me to look around at a few places which I might get cheaper. She told me at Banting, her friend bought RM30 per box n my friend got at Seremban RM25 per box. Tapi takkan lah nak round satu KL?

My cousin who was getting high fever recently in Kedah went to the government hospital for check-up. She said there were many sick n having high fever. Those who only with temp 40deg celcius above got warded otherwise just take the medicine n rest at home. She has to pay for the mask – they don’t give u for free.

Though government n ministry has given warned about this matter, there is still somebody out there who is heartless n taking advantage on the situation. Beside mask, the hand sanitizer also out of stock. I went to a few shops n pharmacies – all out of stock!

I am very seriously concern about the H1N1 matter. Everyday there is always a report that somebody die. I avoid taking my children to crowded places. At most of the time they will just stay at home. If needed to go out, I will make sure they put on a mask. Hakeem loves putting on the mask but not Nabila. For Hakeem it’s like something ‘in’ n fancy where else Nabila complained difficulty of breathing. At the end they just prefer to stay at home!


Anonymous said...

aiyak?? mahalnya... i bough at kedai 2.oo in phg...rm2 for 10 piece... =))

Vogue Mom said...

tu ah.. kat KL ni semuanya cekik darah. kaya raya toke mask kat msia ni. tak lama lagi hand sanitizer tu sure naik harga. parah.. parah..

Vogue Mom said...
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Mum and Roses said...

dah sampai 50 pieces tu hantar ah kat rumah sikit...
mana sample kek?