Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Al Fatihah Buat Arwah Ibuku

Today is the 7th year my mom passed away – Allahyarhammah Hajjah Khatijah bt Mahmood. I will never forget the day, the last day I saw, talked n held her hands. It was two weeks before the day she left me. I was in the car going to the airport to go back to Miri n there was my mom sitting on the wheel chair waving smiling n looking at me – the look that will be on my mind forever.

Two days before 12th Aug 2002, I had a difficulty sleeping at night n felt uneasy with myself. I even cut my fingers twice while opening the can food. My dad called a day earlier n asked me to come back home. I took the afternoon flight from Miri n the connecting flight to Alor Setar was around 7.00pm.

While walking to the waiting hall my brother Boy called me “Kak Long, Mama dah takde. Mama dah meninggal dunia” I couldn’t believe n didn’t want to accept what I heard. I kept asking him all over again whether it was true. I was 7 months pregnant for Nabila. I was walking with Nadira n after I put down the phone I just walked fast n held her hand with tears in my eyes.

I was not beside my mom during her last moment. Even my two other brothers couldn’t made it except my dad n my younger bro, Boy. When I reached home I saw my mom’s body lying in the middle of the hall way with many people n relatives around.

I have a 33 beautiful n wonderful years with my beloved mom. She was the best n understanding mom. My mom always worried about me, just about everything from the moment she gave birth to me and even till I already had husband n children. If she could hear me now, Mama.. don’t worry about me. I am now happy n u should be happy for me too. I love u n miss u a lot.

Ya Allah.. Ampunkan lah segala dosa ibuku. Kau rahmatilah roh ibuku. Kau tempatkan ibuku di taman-taman syurga. Kau tempatkan ibuku dalam golongan orang yang beriman dan bertakwa.

Al-Fatihah buat Mama..

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