Thursday, 6 August 2009

Oops Bersih

We’ve been living at our house for one half year. The house is all equipped with brand new furniture – totally new. I just have to bring in our clothes, books, kitchen items n a few others belonging including children’s toys.

Some of the toys are actually since when we were at Miri n also the one we brought from Oman. My children love to buy toys. My fault too as I in a way encouraged them. When they were small I prefer buying good branded toys. Some of them I still keep it till now. They all are still good n I don’t have a heart to throw or give away. One day they will thank me for keeping those as these will be nostalgic n value to them when they grown up.

Hakeem still has his original collections of Thomas Train. He didn’t want to play with that anymore but I still keep it. Nabila too has close to 50 Barbie which some were hand down from her sisters. Last 3 days I did spring cleaning in their room at the toy section.

I forced them to be around n helped me out. We sorted out old broken toys which mostly free from MCDonald. Before we moved in, these are the toys that were already being sorted out from our previous home. It’s quite amazing that after a year they didn’t actually made unnecessary collections.

I’ve told them that it’s not necessary to buy toy every time we go out. Nabila seldom buys toys as she is more into books. This is another problem for me as she reads books like she’s drinking water. Once she had the book in hand, she will start reading no matter where even while walking till it finish. So every time we go out she will insist buying books, not one but at least three pieces. I will spend just on her books close to RM100.

So the oops bersih went well. They helped me n arranged all the toys nicely. We ended up with 2 big bin bags of broken toys, books, rubbish n 1 plastic of toys to be given away. Well done kids n hopefully we don't have to this for another year.

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