Sunday, 23 August 2009

First Day of Ramadhan

My first day of Ramadhan was at Malacca. We arrived on Friday evening. We had our first day sahur n iftar at kampong – my mother in-law’s house.

As usual n planned hubby, me n Haziq went to pasar ramadhan. We went to the one at Peringgit. As expected the road to go there was jammed with cars n motorbikes. It was quite difficult to get a parking.

Tetapi dengan semangat yang tinggi dan berwibawa, we got a parking dan sanggup mengahadapi segala dugaan dengan sabarnya....

The place was crowded with people. The long stretched of stalls sold all kind of foods from rice, noodles, drinks n lots lots more. We bought mostly kuih muih.

I love to go to pasar ramadhan. Sometimes I can find foods that I never seen or eat before or the one that I couldn’t make. I love to see the excitement in everybody’s face looking at all the foods. Some of them don’t mind waiting or queuing for the food that they want to buy.

Well.. either it is ‘teringin’, ‘terliur’, ‘kempunan’ or ‘nafsu’ – that doesn’t matter. No matter where the pasar ramadhan it will always packed with people. Today we might venture to the different pasar ramadhan. Hmm..... bersungguh-sungguh....

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nabila said...

mummy, nice story. but i wnt too know more what happened in there?