Thursday, 20 August 2009

Favourite Spot

Once in a while when I don’t feel like to cook, lazy or feel like wants to eat food that is not my specialties, I would eat outside. In Shah Alam there are lots of restaurants. You just name it – Mamak? Chinise? Malay? Thai? It’s just the matter whether the restaurant meet your taste bud or the service up to your expectation.

If Mamak restaurant our favourite spot will be Rafi Bistro. They have more then 100+ types of roti canai. So far we ordered the most common one. I just wonder whether the ‘chef’ could remember how to make all types of roti or will there be anybody actually order all kinds of roti there. I love the roti canai n tose here. The teh o ais limau is superb! Rafi has always be our favourite breakfast spot n sometimes for supper.

As for Thai food, my children love to go to the Thai Restaurant at Plaza Massalam. Everytime when hubby is back, they will drag their daddy to go there. The food is not bad here n the service is fast. The price is quite reasonable. Sometimes for a change we go to the restaurant near Tasik Shah Alam. This is also served a good delicious food.

As for the malay restaurant nearby our house, we found one behind Tesco Extra. There are many restaurants there including Upin & Ipin n the geng. Never try that before as I read comments the food was so so. Anyway I always see the restaurant crowded with people. We like to go the one nearby name Qaseh Bistro.

I love the satay over here as the portion is big n tasty. Last night I really wanted to eat satay. Konon2 last kopek before ramadhan. Unfortunately no people selling satay last night. So I just ordered bihun goreng which ok lah… Hubby ordered his usual one nasi goreng cili padi n Nadira had Cantonese kuetiaw which tasted corn flour.

When sometimes you had the food which didn’t meet your taste bud, u feel regret n the first thing popped out from your mouth will be – aku masak sedap lagi ni…. It’s true though but for people like me who cooks everyday, once in a while needs a break.

Well.. maybe some other time I will try to venture at another place.

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AshleyZul said...

oh ayah, u just love my converse ciplak that i bought kat langkawi 4 years ago. hihi