Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back To School

Today is the first new term n day for Nabila n Hakeem. After about 7 weeks break they were excited n looking forward to go to school today. They slept early last night n alhamdullilah woke up in the morning easily.

My two little ones have grown up so fast without I realize. Nabila is now in Year 2 and Hakeem is in Year 1. The one who is more excited was Hakeem. He was so proud to be in Year 1 as he always claimed that he is now a big boy, no more in Reception n wear different color of pants which represent for primary grown up in his school.

We arrived at school quite early this morning. The kids were glad to see their friends. Some of the friends will be separated to different classes. The day started with briefing at the theatre by the principal. The number of students at the school has increased tremendously.

As I am typing this, hubby is on the way fetching them. I am sure they will have lots of things to talk about their school today.

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