Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year - 2008

It’s 2008. Yes.. Happy New Year. Any resolutions? Well to tell the truth I am not a kind of person who really has this ‘new year resolutions’. When I was was young.. I do have a long list of resolutions. But I am never able to resolve them all. I did that every year for the sake of hearing others have it too.

Until one day (which I forgot what year) I had decided to stop being too ambitious to have long lists of resolutions. Stop being hypocrite – that’s what I’m telling myself.

In fact every single day, hour, minute n second in my life I have new resolutions n wishes.. hehhehehe.. I think its better that way as it will always keep reminding me that I have to start changing n doing something to myself. I would better have tons wishes rather than resolutions.

Maybe I am not a kind of person who like to work harder n so called determines to set target in my life. But.. excuse me.. I was not like this before when I was still as a career woman. Those who had worked with me before knows me better.. sorry.. iklan mempromokan diri jap..

Anyway.. I am happy with my life now. I have a good husband. Nice n lovely children. I have nice house back in Malaysia. I can buy any handbags, shoes that I like.. just ask my banker – hubby.. So what else to complain? I am so grateful with what I have now. Very grateful n thank to Allah S.W.T

What I want n wish for this year 2008 is that I n family will have a good health, prosperous n happiness. I am also non-stop praying for my dad, Mak, Ayah, brothers, in-laws, relatives n friends to have happiness, good health n prosperous in their life.

To all the readers I wish u all HAPPY NEW YEAR. May this year 2008 will give all of u happiness n success.

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