Monday, 28 January 2008

Clearing Up

I had a long list of items to be sold. I printed it out n showed to a few of my friends since last two days. Surprisingly all the are items almost sold out. I didn’t expect it to be so fast. Well.. I don’t know, either I am a good saleswoman or maybe all the items are damn cheap!

Yesterday morning my friend came to see n bought all the furniture from my living room. At night time, others came for some items from the kitchen. This morning I had sold my bedroom set. In another two days we’ll be sleeping on the floor.. hehehehehe.. as this person got very excited with the price n gave me the money immediately (I should have put a higher price then!!). In the afternoon all the items in Nadira’s room have been taken n then goes my TV n karaoke system plus some from the kitchen.

Isn’t it exciting.. when u can sell it all off easily. Mostly all the furniture n electrical goods had been used for 3 years. Some of them are still good n look like new. That’s why I am just selling it all out for a very cheap price. Our intention is not to bring any of those back home.

Now I am just waiting for the boxes that had been promised to be sent to me since yesterday. I can’t start anything yet until I get those boxes. Then I will be very busy.


hero aldoha said...

wahhh..biar roboh kota paris,asal barang habis larisss...
mesin karaoke same2 selling ka?
afterrrr.. how zul sing suratan atau kebetulan?

voguemom said...

hahahaha.. Mior take the karaoke n now he can sing same2 with NAzri.