Wednesday, 30 January 2008

One Part Gone

Yesterday morning I went out with my girlfriends to Mutrah Souq. I always bought Oman’s souvenirs to friends, relatives in Malaysia but I have none for myself. So that’s why yesterday I went there to get something. We don’t have much time to spend coz had to rushed back to pick up kids from school but I n my friends managed to buy something nice.

When I came back home, I got the boxes that had been promised two days ago. I started packing things after lunch. I started with clothes n blankets. There goes three big boxes but I still have lots more to pack.

This morning I continued some more. In the afternoon around 3.00pm, I got call that the lorry is on the way to come n take my bedroom set. Oh dear.. I haven’t clear up everything yet. So.. u can just imagine.. since I have no choice n time I just dumped everything in the box.

At the moment while I’m typing this they are actually dismantling my cupboard n bed. Nabila went inside n asked what are they doing to our things? I said they are taking it all away. Then she asked where are we going to sleep then? I smile n said to her.. u guess?

Now my room is empty. Tomorrow my furniture in the living room will be taken away too. Now I feel a bit relieve to see part of my house has cleared. Meanwhile I just have to continue packing my stuffs. Lots of stuffs....

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DIKDA said...

Owh no! so you're coming back for good.... X sempat la nk tempah rantai ku ittewww.... :(