Thursday, 10 January 2008

Why Woman Loves Shopping

You just wonder n don’t know why woman loves n spend so much time on shopping until u actually follow them. The age does not makes any different to all these women when comes to shopping. The desire n excitements are all the same! But we are definitely good at this.

We do feel sorry to all the man out there (husband, fiancé, bf) who sometimes just can’t stand tailing their partner going inside one shop to another shop. But u guys have to know that we have reasons. Here are the facts.

There are many factors that we have to look during shopping. For instance, there are woman going shopping coz they want to buy shirts or maybe want to buy something for the room. Or maybe some woman goes shopping to release their stress. Maybe they were having fight with the husband or boyfriend or even maybe because they just love shopping! But trust me whatever cause behind it – women shop for all sorts of reasons.

Men do go shopping too but not as ‘extreme’ as woman. Woman could go for shopping for hours n even hop from one Mall to another Mall! Forget about the aching foot or leg as long as we get what we want at the end of the day.

It’s tough to be a woman right? We have to keep up with the latest fashions or else we’ll be outdated. And because of that we have to continuously shopping so that our partner will be proud of us. So don’t blame us if we shop like crazy. We just want to make u happy (stop buzzing.. just carry the shopping bags for me!)

Man says: “If u want to go shopping why do u have to buy so many things? The answer is when a man buy a shoe he will thinks: “This shoe can go with my tailored pants n also with jeans. So settle”

But when a woman buys a shoe she thinks: “I will buy this high heels but it doesn’t goes well with my levi’s skirt. In that case I have to buy the sandal as well. But if I want to wear with my MNG t-shirt I need a different kind of shoe. So… I will buy another shoe for this as well!”

So got the point? As for me.. I was naturally born to love shopping n I love it most during sales! When I shop, I don't just buy the first thing I like, because I know when I walk into another store, it will be there for half that price. I have many different ideas for every shopping that I need. It depends on the things that I want to buy. It makes me feel better too if I have had a rough day.

There is something about spending money versus leaving it in your bank


Q said...

tapi kalau kat oman... MCC je lah jawabnya. tayah nak hop one mall to another. oh wait, ada center point.

voguemom said...

tu lah.. tapi still shopping mcm nak rak!! dia tak kira tempat.. janji boleh shopping.. hehehehehehe.. tak caya tanya mommy!!

Anonymous said...

ni adalah azam tahun baru cik puan kita...