Monday, 21 January 2008

Home Sweet Home


I am back to my home in Oman. Safely arrived early morning today. Gladly to see my hubby waited for us at the airport at 5.00am. Currently the weather is very cold. It was 16deg Celsius when I arrived this morning.

I have already started missing the moments spent with my family back in Kedah. My kids were very happy n looking forward to be back there again to see their Tok Ayah, Paksu Boy, Pak Mir family, Piqah, Danny, Mak Yan n many more.

Insyaalah we will be going back again to Malaysia during our summer holiday. Tomorrow my kids will be start schooling n same goes to my routine here....

1 comment:

aunty roy said...

I see with my little eyes someone is holding a new hangbag. hehehe
Ni mesti beli kat mesia. Share lah
ngan kita org.
welcome back to Oman.